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May the 4th be With You!

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Celebrate Earth Day with Brian Wood!

Here’s the official word from Dark Horse: 

"There are no shortage of ways to celebrate the 44th Earth Day, and today Dark Horse offers comics fans the perfect opportunity to get in the worldwide celebration of eco-consciousness!

Today, and today only, Dark Horse is offering digital comics readers two special offers to catch up on Brian Wood’s acclaimed series, The Massive! Fans can catch up on all 22 issues for only $10! Not only that, we are giving away the first four issues absolutely free!”

So, go get ‘em tiger! And then pick up the new issue at your local comic book shop tomorrow! 

Just announced: Dark Horse to publish The Art of the Venture Bros. October 22!

Just announced: Dark Horse to publish The Art of the Venture Bros. October 22!


Tron Prom Dress by Victoria Schmidt / Scruffy Rebel and Jinyo

Programmed by Jinyo with some savvy hacking skills and el wire, Victoria aka Scruffy Rebel rocked this Tron Dress at San Diego Comic-Con ‘11… for the Users!

Victoria: Website (Lead photo: dr_teng / other photos: LJinto)

Best prom dress by a User.


A brand new BBC America series Intruders starring John Simm and Mira Sorvino debuts this summer.

Watch the first teaser here.


Sorry 'bout that, Emma.

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CONGRATULATIONS to Brad Bell & Jane Espenson on their Webby Award nomination for writing!

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I just got hooked on Vikings TONIGHT. These guys at the SDCC 2013 Wired Cafe told me they were on some show on the History Channel! Now it all makes sense.

JK. I knew what show they were on, but I only had eyes for Gustaf Skarsgard at the time.


I’m so confused. Fargo is a wonderful film. I feel weird about the forthcoming TV show. But Martin Freeman! And Billy Bob! It has to be good, right?

Then I started thinking, “Have there been any successful film-to-TV stories?” Then I was like, “Duh! M*A*S*H!”

Off the top of my head, hare some more big screen to small screen transitions:

-Buffy the Vampire Slayer! (Another duh moment) Does that also beget Angel? Show > movie. Except that the movie had Pee Wee Herman in it.

-Psycho —> Bates Motel. Haven’t watched it, yet. Hearing good stuff.

-My Big Fat Greek Wedding/My Big Fat Greek Life. No Corbett, no thanks.

-Friday Night Lights. Go Panthers! Err, Lions! Depends which season you’re watching. Always root for Coach Taylor. “Clear Eyes …” Don’t forget the start of it all: the book!

-Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore —> Alice

-Clueless. I think that happened. Did that happen? #Monet

-Beetlejuice. Do animated spin offs really fill this quota? It’s like counting graphic novels in a book reading challenge. I loooved both the film and he animated series.

-Highlander. Really though, there can be only one.

-Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That feels different because it’s more of franchise. I think it falls into that grey area of all the animated Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and yes, my precious Beetlejuice.

-Hold your hat! And your whip! I forgot The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. I had such a crush on Sean Patrick Flanery. I still have the VHS tapes.

So, I think Fargo could work. You betcha!